5 Best tent with AC port: what tents has AC ports in 2021?

Nothing can stop you to from going camping if you want to go back to basics and practice the great outdoors experience. And whilst most of the charm of camping is to be close to nature, some climates are barren that are nearly impossible to restfully camp in. does not have to be extravagant, but it does not have to be downright uncomfortable either. Attaching an AC unit up to your tent is the best way to make the temperature and humidity within the tent as comfy as possible. 

While many people choose to adjust their current tents, this is not ideal and can end in harming your tent beyond repair. So, if you are on the lookout for a new tent and would like to hook up an air conditioning unit, then you should absolutely consider a tent with a dedicated air conditioning port. 

But what is the best tent with AC port? Let us see in detail below.

Best tent with AC ports in 2021

Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

The Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent is one of the rare shelters on the market today with a devoted AC tab for use with window AC units. This tent includes an instantaneous set-up design with pre-attached poles, so it can be set up in about two minutes.

Many of us especially like this tent because it has a large open floor plan with an impressive 80-inch (2m) center height. This means that it is tall enough to allow most campers to stand upright and walk around without having to hunch over.

Nevertheless, this tent with air conditioning also comes with two detachable room dividers so you can create up to three individual living and sleeping spaces for up to 12 campers. In Addition, the Instant Cabin Tent uses heat shield machinery, which is a reflective coating that blocks UV rays for a cooler sleeping experience during camping.

  • Camping tent with AC flap for use with window AC units
  • Detachable room dividers can create up to 3 separate areas in the tent.
  • High center height allows you to stand upright.
  • Heat shield technology creates a cooler interior temperature.
  • Fairly high priced
  • Very heavy (59.9lbs/27.2kg)

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent 12

The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin is the second tent with an AC port for use with window AC units. The best part is its pre-attached poles, which merely need to be stretched and extended, the Instant Cabin can be tossed in just seconds.

This tent is especially popular because it has three distinct rooms, each with their own AC port. This allows everyone to have secrecy and individual space while camping. Furthermore, the tent has large, weaved windows on all sides for sufficient air circulation to enhance your portable air conditioner stand.

For outdoor lounging, this shelter also has a large front canopy, which provides some extra security from the sun. It also has two separate doors, so people can get in and out of the tent at night without having to crawl over their camping companions.

  • Three separate rooms for added secrecy.
  • Large windows and AC port for plenty of air circulation
  • Front awning allows for shaded outdoor relaxation.
  • Combination of high center height and weak poles is not great for very windy conditions.
  • Very heavy (61lbs/27.7kg)

CORE 10 Person Lighted Instant Tent

The CORE 10 Person Lighted Instant Tent is an adaptable tent for use on hot weather camping trips. While it does not have a devoted AC flap, it does have an E-port that allows for electrical cord access to power a small AC unit for a tent.

This tent can fill up to 10 people with its roomy interior that can be divided into two individual rooms for added space. It has a collection of different gear storage pockets to help campers stay arranged. In the Meantime, the large screen porch allows for added relaxing space but is also a great spot to store extra apparatus.

People predominantly like the tent’s 84-inch (2.1m) center height, which is high enough for most people to walk around easily. Plus, the tent has built-in LED lighting so you can still hang out and relax at night. It also has variable vents on either side of the tent for better airflow on particularly hot days.

  • Built-in LED lighting and E-Port for powering an AC unit.
  • High center height for added comfort.
  • Large interior with room dividers, plus a screen porch.
  • Plenty of gear storage options.
  • Lack of bathtub floor causes some weather-resistance concerns in heavy rain

Coleman Elite Weather Master 6

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is a family-friendly camping tent for summertime journeys. It includes a large screen room for relaxing on hot days or for loading extra gear that you do not want to bring inside the tent body.

This tent has built-in LED lighting that can provide up to 81 hours of illumination on three different light settings. It also has an E-Port so you can attach with a portable air conditioner for camping to your campsite’s assemblages using an extension cord.

Moreover, the WeatherMaster has multiple mesh windows with nylon layers that can be rolled down for added air circulation. The tent also has an angled door with an awning and a durable bathtub-style floor with overturned seams to help keep the rain out in foul weather.

  • Built-in LED lighting with up to 81 hours of power on one set of batteries.
  • Large screen porch provides extra living space and gear storage facility.
  • Angled door with awning for added weather resistance.
  • Does not have an instant set-up system.
  • Not great in very stormy conditions.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8

The Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 is a comfort-oriented tent for family weekend camping journeys. It has a devoted E-Port for tent AC assemblages that can be closed off when not in use.

Possibly the most distinctive highlight of the Tenaya Lake is its built-in cupboard that has an incorporated shelving unit and hanger bar. This allows easy access to your clothes and makes it easier for you to stay prepared when you are outside.

In Addition, this tent has Coleman’s Fast Pitch system, which uses pre-attached and color-coded poles to speed up the set-up procedure. Ultimately, the Tenaya Lake has a detachable room divider that allows you to create two separate rooms for added privacy during your trip.

  • Built-in closet for clothing organization
  • Removable room divider to create separate living and sleeping spaces.
  • Quick and easy set-up with pre-attached and color-coded poles
  • Hinged door makes for easier access to the tent but can also be tricky to close tight.
  • Some waterproofing concerns with large mesh windows and door
  • Can take a while to set up, especially the first time

How to set up a window ac unit in a tent?

If you are intending to or have already bought a tent with a dedicated AC port, then you do not have much manipulating to do.
The main thing you need to do is to discover a proper platform to sit your window AC unit on. You can use something as simple as a milk crate or a sturdy box you have lying around. But if you want your AC set up to look as remarkable as your new tent then we recommend a proper tent AC stand.

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