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Best Hunting Boots for Men in 2021 (Canada)

irish setter

When you’re in the wild, several elements can severely impact your ability to hunt. Therefore, your boots are one of the most vital pieces of gear outside of your weaponry. That’s because hunting often calls for you to slog through miles of sloppy hazardous terrain in all types of weather if your footwear is not up to the challenge.

The footwear you choose is of paramount importance however finding the best hunting boots can be an overwhelming task. I wouldn’t be surprised that you are having a hard time singling out a pair despite being an avid hunter to help you make the right decision.

With years of experience in camping and hunting, we’ve investigated the best hunting boots so you can focus your attention on the hunt instead of your feet. All of the boots included on this list are more than worthy of being here and all are suitable options for your hunting needs making your next hunting expedition a comfortable experience.

List of the Best Hunting Boots for Men in 2021 (Canada)

  • LaCrosse Lodestar Hunting Boots
  • Crispi Idaho II GTX
  • Cabela’s Perfekt Hunter Boots
  • Irish Setter Ravine hunting boots 
  • LaCrosse Atlas Hunting Boots

LaCrosee Lodestar Hunting Boots

9 out of 10
Lacrosee Lodestar Hunting Boots

1. Synthetic sole

2. Nubuck leather with lightweight abrasion-resistant material upper for rugged durability

3. GORE-TEX 100% waterproof breathable lining for protection from the elements

4. DuraFit rubber heel cup locks heel in place for a secure fit and provides stability

5. Exclusive Vibram Lodestar outsole with omni-directional lugs provides superior traction in all conditions


On top of the list, we have lodestar; part of the navigator series from lacrosse; a backcountry hunting boot that’s light on your feet yet tough enough to ensure you can go the distance chasing big game. The lodestar combines leather with a lightweight abrasion resistant material for rugged durability and the open hook lace hardware makes getting in and out of them a breeze.

When you are laced up, its 100% waterproof yet breathable Gore-Tex lining will protect you from the elements whether you’re in the rugged back country of the west or the mountains of the east; a challenging terrain can take its toll on your feet. That’s why the lodestar’s midsole is made with thick lightweight EVA which provides superior cushioning and rebound with every step.

Embedded in the midsole for the ultimate support is our new x-shank which provides a wider surface area to distribute weight more evenly while adding torsional rigidity and stiffness. When trudging through tough landscapes, this eliminates pressure points underfoot and spreads the load to minimize foot fatigue. That’s critical especially considering the potential weight of your packouts.


Loadstar’s durafit heel cup adds to the boot stability when the terrain gets uneven made from molded rubber. This proprietary heel cup wraps the heel and locks it in place for a secure fit. The lodestar’s hex guard rubber toe cap adds a layer of protection against the most abrasive environment.


To create the lodestar’s outsole, we partnered with the industry’s best vibram. We use their excess trek rubber compound for its flexibility and superior traction on wet surfaces making it incredibly responsive on unpredictable terrain. The outsole specially design features aggressive star-shaped omnidirectional lugs which provide 360-degree traction and Grip in all conditions. Larger lugs line the outside of the foot giving you more stability when carrying heavy loads.

Crispi Idaho II GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot

8.5 out of 10

Gore-Tex® waterproof lining

Vibram® sole with dual-density polyurethane shock absorbing midsole

3 Flex Rating

ABSS Ankle Support System

Board Lasting Mechanical Construction

Crispi Crossbow Frame

Wrapped Framework


The boot has gotten a little bit of an update and cosmetic changes from the previous version.

The outsole here so what we run is a vibram outsole so it is going to give you great traction especially in wet conditions.

The midsole which is a big change for this boot from the previous model which is going to be a dual density polyurethane sole. It’s going to add a little bit more comfort for your feet as well as a little bit more feel of the ground especially for stocking situations.

The upper material which is called PU tech is a cordura based material with polyurethane weave still super breathable great for hot climate but then it is going to add the durability of the polyurethane in there. So it is going to be quite a bit more abrasion resistant and then also very puncture resistant.

This boot also to utilizes full Gore-tex liner and wrapped in this, so you will be 100% waterproof.

The boot also has an abs system which is going to give you great lateral support especially with heavy packs or in the high country and side hilling. Another change to this boot which isn’t necessarily performance but more cosmetic is going to be to the toe area we have streamlined things a little bit to make it a little bit more seamless to give it a good nice little flare in the front.

It is one of the wider boots that is going to provide that larger toe box so for the guys that have run this boot in the past nothing has changed as far as fit so you’re still going to want to stick with this boot.

Cabela's Perfekt Insulated Hunter Boots

7.5 out of 10
Cableas 1

Oiled full-grain leather uppers
400 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation
Durable PU midsoles
Multigrip rubber outsoles
DIGAfix lacing system
Shock-absorbing PORON heel inserts – compression-resistant


Cabela’s perfect 10-inch hunting boots and 7-inch hiking boots are in a class all on their own and are a customer favorite among hardcore hunters and hikers alike regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. Thanks to their unbeatable performance enhancing features the natural cork footbeds and poron heel inserts protect your joints from shock and the cork molds to your feet for the support needed on demanding adventures.

The new durable full grain oiled leather uppers are backed with one hundred percent waterproofing and breathable Gore-tex membranes that keep out the sloppiest conditions while the moisture managing layer over the footbeds draws moisture away from your feet keeping them dry and comfortable.

Blisters are a thing of the past thanks to an innovative digifix lacing system that snugs the boots around the insteps and heels preventing slippage. Multi-grip outsoles keep you on your feet even while traveling over loose steep terrain.

In these 10 inch hunting boots. you’ll appreciate the heat trapping 400 gram thinsulate ultra insulation that keeps toes toasty warm during cold weather hunts.

The next time you head out on a back country hiking scouting or hunting trip make sure you have on a pair of cabela’s perfect boots.

Irish Setter Ravine Hunting Boots

8.5 out of 10
irish setter

Superior enerG-boosted support from a pair of lightweight hunting boots
Full grain, waterproof Trout Brook and suede leather uppers
Armatec protection over key areas
Waterproof/breathable UltraDry technology
ScentBan anti-microbial linings – resists odor-causing bacteria
400 gram PrimaLoft Gold Eco Insulation – blocks out cold


The leader in hunting boot technology comes the ravine family of boots which are light fast boots, deliver instant comfort and sustained support for hunters hikers and anyone else who wants one boot for every adventure.

The layered construction of ravine boots starts with a dual density midsole featuring harder durometer EVA for stability and support directly under your foot strategically placed energy technology rebounds and recharges with every step to fight fatigue on your longest journeys.

The anti-torsion TPU chassis runs the length of the boot for added stability and works as an underfoot rock guard in more rugged terrain. The rubber outsole features multi-tiered lugs that increase traction on uneven terrain and rocky surfaces.

All ravine boots have the exterior technologies you’ve come to expect from Irish setter like armatek: a protective covering for high wear areas that increases the boots lifespan.

Lace-to-toe eyelets for a secure fit ultra dry waterproofing for dry long lasting comfort, a memory foam collar for extra comfort and cushion comfort technology to minimize pressure on the shin. Inside the boot, you’ll also find a removable memory foam EVA footbed with scent bend and scent control to eliminate odors.

Choose from either a 7-inch or 9-inch men’s boot with combination leather and fabric uppers to keep them light or to all leather styles for added durability including a non-insulated 7-inch version and a 9-inch version with 400 gram primaloft insulation.

Top Pick: LaCrosse Atlas Hunting Boots

10 out of 10
atlas hunting boots

Rubber sole
Nubuck leather with lightweight abrasion resistant material upper for rugged durability
100% waterproof Dry-Core lining
DuraFit rubber heel cup locks heel in place for a secure fit and provides stability
InfiniTrac lug pattern adapts to the terrain offering consistent traction under the most extreme conditions
Specially formulated LXG outsole compound offers optimal grip in all conditions


Whether you’re hunting white whitetail on the trail to the campsite or just enjoying an all-day hike ravine boots help you get there with lightweight comfort and performance this is the atlas part of the navigator

Series from lacrosse it’s where premium rubber meets rugged leather to create the ultimate all-terrain hunting boot [Music] the lacrosse atlas keeps you protected from the elements every style is fitted with dry core lining so they’re 100 waterproof the insulated styles are lined with primaloft insulation

It’s water resistant breathable and lightweight to keep feet dry and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions comfort in the atlas begins underfoot thanks to the combination of a thick durable midsole and a cushioning footbed the midsole is made of rubberized eva so you get eva’s comfort and light weight but with the durability of rubber the atlas delivers a comfortable barrier

Between your feet and the ground you hunt on providing shock absorption and energy return with every step the atlas provides protection at both the heel and toe the durafit heel cup guards your heel while enhancing the boots fit it reaches higher up your heel and locks it in place for added stability and support

When it comes to traction and control the atlas has an outsole built for maximum performance it’s made from lxg a special sticky rubber compound that delivers excellent grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions these specially designed outsole lugs are called infinitrak and they further the boots traction by morphing with the terrain as you walk to

Give you infinite traction for the best stability no matter where you step that’s the atlas part of the navigator series from lacrosse premium hunting boots built for wherever the hunt takes you you

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